The Worst Craps Bets

The worst craps bets are the proposition bets in the center of the table layout.The house advantage on these bets ranges from 9.09% to 16.67% with the absoluteworst being the Big Red 7 (16.67%). In addition where so-called Strip Odds on the2/12 and 3/11 pay only 29:1 and 14:1 respectively the house edge on these wagersare just as bad as the Big Red 7 (16.67%).

Don’t listen to the touts of the Stickman. Place your toke wagers for the dealerson the Pass Line (thanks). Any wager made over $5 on the 6 or 8 should be Placed,not positioned on the corner red 6 or 8 where the house edge is also 9.09%. PlaceBets on 6 and 8 reduce the house edge to only 1.52%.

The Hardways bets are also money suckers, taking 9.09% to 11.11% of all your betson average.

As always, the best bets are the flat bets (Pass, Come, Don’t Pass, Don’t Come) backed with a Free Odds bet.