25-cent Craps Tables

Las Vegas, Downtown (none left)
Las Vegas, The Strip (none left)
Las Vegas, Boulder Highway JOKER’S WILD
Henderson, Nevada (none left)

25 Cent tables have almost disappeared in Vegas. It was not so long ago that youcould play as little as 50 cents on the Pass Line and throw quarters in all daylong on the proposition bets. The so called “Bird Games” were available downtownat the El Cortez and on the front table at Binion’s, weekdays at Casino Royale onThe Strip and in Henderson at the El Dorado. Now, the only thing close to a 25 CentGame is at JOKER’S WILD on the Boulder Highway where you can make $2 Line Bets andthrow quarters all day at the Proposition Bets. This is as close as you can getto testing your system on a low cost table and one that features as much as 10XFree Odds.

Most 25-cent tables were limited to double odds and operated only weekdays and usuallyfrom 3am to 10am in the morning. If you are serious about testing your system ona low minimum table we now suggest that you check out Joker’s Wild ($2 minimum with10x Odds) or boogie on up to Henderson to the El Dorado $1 table, which also features10x Odds.

You should also be aware that most casinos that offer low minimum (less than $5)craps are “Break-In” houses where the dealers are new and usually just out of dealerschool. Consequently, the table action may move a little slowly as they calculatethe winning pay-offs, especially on crowded tables where players are jamming upthe action with a lot of proposition bets. If you’re going to test your system ona low minimum table you may need to be patient.

Since the dealers are less experienced you should closely monitor your payoffs tomake sure you get everything that’s coming to you, since dealer errors are morecommon in a Break-In House. In addition, on a crowded table, the players may jamup the table action with a lot of proposition bets.

We were recently asked: “Why is (was) it called a Bird Game?” The answer to thisquestion is that in the 50’s and 60’s and maybe even into the 70’s these games wereactually dealt in some venues with real silver quarters that feature an eagle onone side of the coin. Imagine those “Birds” flying all over the damn table !

Please contact us if you are aware of any 25 cent “Bird Games” that might be availablein any other non-Vegas venue.