Why betting systems work at home but not in the casino

Systems don’t work, even at home

No betting system in the world can overcome the house edge. If such a system existedthen the casinos would not be standing. If you don’t believe us, read what the Wizard of Oddshas to say about betting systems.

It wasn’t properly tested.

You can’t properly test a system on your kitchen table. Anything can happen in theshort term. Showing a profit even after several hundred rolls proves nothing. Toproperly test a system you need to run a computer simulation of tens of millionsof rolls.

You made mistakes.

When dealing to yourself it’s easy to make mistakes with the payouts, occasionallypaying yourself too much. But dealers have been working the game for years and areunlikely to accidentally overpay you. Of course, even if you dealt perfectly, aswe’ve said, you can’t properly test it on the kitchen table.

You don’t tip at home.

You’re probably not tipping yourself when you’re dealing to yourself. But you’reprobably tipping in the casino (at least you should be), so that will reduce yourbankroll a bit in real-life while it doesn’t do the same thing at home.