How craps dealers keep track of players’ bets

Most craps players are mystified by the dealers’ ability to keep track of all theplayers’ bets, since many players cannot even keep track of their own bets.Players often have to ask the dealers which numbers they have their wagers placedon, and the dealers always know the answer.

What most players do not know is that wagers are placed on the table layout accordingto where the players bank is located on the table RACK. Player position is thereforedetermined by where their gaming checks are located, not where they are STANDING(or sometimes, sitting). There are 8 player positions on each side of the tableon a standard craps table. The player positions are numbered 1-8 on each side ofthe table. If your bank is located on the RACK right next to the Stickman (woman),you are position Number 1. Positions 2,3,4,5,6,and 7 follow around the table toposition #8 which will be right next to a Dealer.

Dealers place player wagers for Place Bets, Come Bets, and Don’t Come bets in thesame exact order in which the players bank is located on the rack. On multiple betsyour wagers will be positioned in the same place within each respective box. (Sameon Hardway Bets.)

Dealers PAY wagers in the exact order in which the wagers are placed. Come Betsare paid first, from “Stick” to “Base” (positions 1 to 8). Then Place Bets are paidin the same order (from Stick to Base). If you are a Place bettor, you have to waitfor the Come bets to be paid even though it may appear as though the dealer is payingoff out of sequence. Don’t bets are paid when the shooter Sevens Out and are paidin the same order, stick to base.

If you’re ever confused about where your bets are placed, the best thing to do isto try to position yourself in base position, #8, right next to either dealer. Inthis way it will be easy to talk directly to the dealer with a minimum of confusionand the dealer will clarify the positioning of your wagers, and the dealer willbe able to inform you if you do not have wagers placed according your preference.(The Dealer will make certain that you are “covered”.)