How tips are shared among craps dealers in Vegas

Dealers don’t get to keep the tips you give them directly, they’re shared with theother dealers. And not just with the other dealers at the table. And notjust with all the other table games dealers on that shift. But usually, allthe dealers on every table game for all three shifts.

A Toke Commitee is usually established in the casino by a vote of the dealers.Tokes are split in most Vegas casinos on a 24-hour basis but some go “shift-for-shift”,meaning that the Day, Swing (Evening) and Graveyard (Early Morning) split theirtokes separately. Most toke committees also set policy too with regard as to howtokes are split and distributed for sick or vacationing dealers. In some casinoscontribution boxes are posted for serious dealer illnesses, family deaths, or specialoccassions like weddings… often too an extra toke envelope for dealer birthdays.

Some casinos distribute the tokes as cash in envelopes and some roll the tokes intothe company payroll so as that the tokes are reflected on the company paycheck.Tokes have to be documented by the casino toke committee and by company payrollas they constitute taxable income by the IRS. So as a player, when you are tokingthe dealers, you are also toking Uncle Sam.