Sit-Down craps games in Las Vegas

aka “Craps Shoots”

Prefer (or need) to sit down while you play craps? You can’t find a sit-downgame in Las Vegas any more.

The last known sit down game was at the Casino Royale and it has been gone for overa year.

However, players with visible handicaps and senior players are usually offered thecourtesy of a bar-stool type chair in just about any casino and at any table uponrequest, especially during slow periods or if available tables are not crowded.

The Table Odds at sit-down tables are usually lower thanon regulation tables as they are dealt by a single dealer.

The sit-down table at the Imperial Palace is no longer there. The sit-down tableat Barley’s disappeared when they closed down the table games pit.

Harrah’s, on The Strip, also had a sit-down table for a period of time, but thatone has also disappeared.