Craps Etiquette

…and Its Effect On Winning

When you annoy the dealers, they might not steer you towards the best bets.

And if the dealers are having a bad time, how are you going to have a good time?If you want good service from your dealers then avoid the following faux pas.

Do not throw your wager(s) at the dealer(s).
A good player will set the wager down cleanly on the table and clearly state thewager. Proposition bets can be set down and booked by the dealers on BASE and thenplaced out of the working stacks of the STICKMAN. (So you don’t even need to throwproposition wagers at the stickman). Dealers do not like to spend their shifts chasingcheques (chips) all over the table. Besides, it slows the game down.
Do not fiddle around with the dice before you throw.
Setting the dice quickly is OK, but you are expected to throw the dice in a timelymanner. If you have a special or lucky “wind up” before you throw do it quicklyas a courtesy to other players who may have serious money on the table.
Do not throw the dice hard, you “Toss” the dice.
Hot shot players who roll at high speed and slam the dice AND often bounce themoff the table will not get good service from the dealers. These players slow thegame down and often offend other players, especially the superstitious ones.
Do not throw the dice into the dealers working stacks or into the mirror on theplayer side of the table.
Again, this is something that will only slow the game down and frustrate the dealersand the other players. Dice are to be rolled down the center of the table and mustbounce off of the end wall.
Do not use two hands.
Dice must be handled with one hand.
Do not conceal or take the dice beyond the edge of the table.
Again you will only slow the game down and the boxman or dealers will have to requestthe dice for inspection and issue new dice.
Do not overshake the dice.
Everybody likes to “shake ’em up” but do so quickly. Besides, the dice are pre-shookat the factory!
Do not try to place bets after the shooter already has the dice.
There is nothing that a dealer hates more than a late bet. Wagers are supposed tobe made before the Stickperson sends out the dice to the shooter. Most late betsare usually proposition bets thrown into the Stickperson. Consequently, in additionto forcing the dealers to Call the bet loudly, the gaming cheque (chip) when thrownin will, in many instances, hit other wagers already placed on the table and createa mess on the lay-out with chips bouncing all over the place. It makes it very difficultfor the Stickperson, boxman and dealers to keep track of the bets. In addition,as dealers really want the players to win, late bets when called “no bet” by a dealerwill really upset the player if a number hits. Then the dealers have to deal withill will from the player. In most casinos dealers are not allowed to take a wager,call or “book” a bet until they actually see the money. All wagers are supposedto be completed while the “Dice are in the middle” of the table (even the boxmanmay announce this) and before the Stickperson delivers the dice to the Shooter.
Do not tap your cigarette or cigar ashes onto the table.
Contrary to popular belief, it IS NOT an ash tray. When rolling the dice, keep yourcocktail or beverage on the shelf that has been provided as a convenience for you.
Don’t be a chronic complainer!
This is a sure sign of a degenerate loser who has probably spent his whole lifeblowing money on stupid bets.

You will truly be amazed at how much help and sharing of information about the gamethat the dealer(s) will give you if you show some class and etiquette as a player.Good luck!