Meet the Bone Man

Las Vegas craps dealer and author of

THE BONE MAN is a craps dealer on the World Famous Las Vegas Strip. He is the mainauthor of the articles on, drawing from years of interaction withthe many dedicated and tenured craps dealers, boxmen and thousands of players withwhom he has worked in Downtown and Strip casinos.

THE BONE MAN is a graduate of San Francisco State University with a degree in BroadcastCommunication Arts. He spent his first professional 11 years managing the VideoProduction Department of one of the world’s largest financial institutions and anadditional 11 years as part owner and Vice President of one of San Francisco’s finestgraphics design studios. The Bone Man has won many prestigious awards includingrecognition from The New York and Chicago Film Festivals, Freedom’s Foundation,The Columbus “Chris” Award, numerous awards from The Information Film Producersof America. He also holds two local Emmy Awards.

THE BONE MAN started dealing dice in 1964 during the summer months at Harrah’s,Lake Tahoe making money to complete his university degree. In addition to the professionalexperiences listed above he worked in marketing and sales for 3D Software productsand was the administrative director for a Super Bowl quarterback attempting to structurea new professional football league and television network. He also spent seven yearsworking with the leading northern California casino party company where he was alsothe Sales and Marketing Director.

Though THE BONE MAN likes to think that he is semi-retired he keeps busy cruisingand maintaining his classic ’64 Mustang Convertible, dealing dice on the Strip,and developing websites such as NextShooter, CrapsDealers, All Star Promotions andhis new development, a statement about Sept. 11th at

You can see where THE BONE MAN likes to hang out in Vegas by seeing his list of favorite hangouts. You can reach the Boneman at