Problems with payouts, and how to resolve them

If another player picks up YOUR winning bet…

  • Ask or tell the dealer nearest you. Odds are the culprit next to you made an honestmistake and will return the money to the table or will count it and hand it to you.
  • Refer the problem to the BOXMAN. It is the BOXMAN (WOMAN’S) responsibility to watchthe payoffs at the end of the table from which the dice are THROWN.
  • Refer the problem to the STICKMAN. It is the STICKMAN (WOMAN’s) responsibility towatch the payoffs at the end of the table where the dice LAND.

If you think you have been paid SHORT…

  • The same suggestions as above apply.
  • It is the BOXMAN’S job to solve player disputes on winning bet pay-offs. In thisregard he (she) and the DEALERS are very much like referees in a sporting event.
  • If the dollar figure on a winning bet is large, you can always ask the BOXMAN fora review of the video tape. And, in many instances The House will pay a wager thatis in dispute WITHOUT reviewing the tape, because reviewing the tape is time-consumingand they would lose more money by slowing down the game than just paying off thedispute.