The Bone Man’s favorite hangouts

In case you are interested in the Bone Man’s bad habits…..

The Bone Man has lived in Las Vegas since 1997. Aside from spending considerabletime cruising in his ’64 Mustang convertible to the numerous craps pits in Vegas,you might find him slumming around in the following dens of iniquity.

THE BAR AT BINION’S HORSESHOE: Downtown, Fremont Street Mall

This is the Bar next to the main craps pit. Here you can meet the widest possiblerange of humanity from all over the world. Last time the Bone Man ordered up a Manhattanthere was an old bum sleeping on the stool next to him. Drinks here are very reasonablypriced and you can hear the screaming from the seven craps tables that are but astone’s throw away. This bar used to be without video poker machines.

THE PIANO BAR AT THE GOLDEN GATE: Downtown, Fremont Street Mall

This is where the Bone Man parks the Mustang because you can validate your own parkingticket. The Piano Bar is right next to the deli. There is almost always somebodyplaying requests at the piano or sometimes a small jazz group. “Curly” serves ’emup from the South end of the main bar on most day shifts and always has a new joketo tell. As “The Gate” was The Bone Man’s first craps job in Vegas, it always bringsback a few fond memories. This is the original home of the 99-cent shrimp cocktail.

ARIZONA CHARLIES – WEST: Near Decatur and Charleston on the Northwest Side

Here you might find the Bone Man scarfing up on the $2.99 Steak and Eggs Breakfast,making an occasional sports bet in The Book or slamming down a Manhattan at Jake’slittle corner bar. But the real attraction here is in The Naughty Ladies Saloon.Show time is usually 8:30 weekdays and 9:00 on weekends and the audience and folkswho dance here are like a cast out of a Fellini movie.

THE LIFT: Valley View, between Desert Inn Road and Sahara

This is the home of the cheap Rib Eye or New York Steak. Eat it there and wash itdown with a Manhattan or two OR take it home. Speaking of Manhattans, as most ofthe barkeeps there don’t really know how to make one, you usually get a full tumblerwhich constitutes at least a double if not a triple.

ROMY’S/TEDDY’S BISTRO: West Sahara at Durango, on the Southeast Corner

Teddy is the main man here. Great food and the gathering place for many entertainerswho want to jam on their days off. Belly dancing, Greek vocals or jazz and pop onkeyboard or sax. Enjoy live vocals by a number of local artists. You never knowwho is going to show up – either celebrities in the crowd or as entertainers. Onweekends the place turns into a Greek Theme with music and dancing, wailing untilthe sun comes up.

LARRY’S HIDEAWAY: On the North side at Rancho and Cheyenne

Look, this is the Wild, Wild West isn’t it? Even the Bone Man needs an occasionalCountry and Western fix. Actually, this place is often better on DAYS when thereis a small crowd and no live music. The Bone Man discovered this place while waitingfor WES CAN FIX IT to do car repair on the ‘stang. across the street.

THE SAND DOLLAR: On the West side, at Polaris and Spring Mountain. A half mile westof Treasure Island

Wednesday night with THE RUFFNECKS: Music starts at 9 p.m. THE RUFFNECKS electronickeyboard features a Jerry Lee Lewis sound that will blow you out of your seat, especiallythe rendition of “When I’ve Been Drinkin’.” This is also a spot where local entertainerswill show up unannounced to jam with the featured artists, so you can always expecta surprise. AND it’s another spot that does not know how to make a Manhattan soyou get it in a full tumbler most of the time.

CHICAGO HOT DOG: On Rancho about a half mile north of the Spaghetti Bowl.

It is the Hot Dog menu that grabbed the Bone Man’s attention. This place is indeedunique and unlike the many local pubs in Vegas it is usually DEAD. BUT it has thegreatest HOT DOG menu in town. The Bone Man prefers the Louisiana Hot Link washeddown with a Green River.

MR. D’s: At Rainbow and Oakey on the west side.

You from Chicago? Well, when in Vegas you got to have a (White Castle) SLIDER attack.Get a 6-pack here to cure your hangover and wash ’em down with your favorite brew.A great sports bar, too.

THE WILDFIRE: On the North side on Rancho opposite The Texas Station.

This is a great spot for sports betters, a self-managed sports book with great numberof large video monitors in the lounge and bar area. Most sports books in Vegas havetoo many small monitors and poor sight lines. Plus, this area is focused on sportswith no bullshit interference from horse and dog racing. There is nothing worsethan trying to focus on a game with some dude calling the 3rd at Santa Anita inthe background.


Great Ribs and menu here, reasonably priced. Try the 6 brew sampler. Besides, you’vegot 20 times odds in the craps pit here, best deal downtown for players.


As you can see from above, the Bone Man does not spend a lot of time on the Strip.That is mostly for tourists. However, you might catch the Bone Man occasionallycruising through CAESAR’S (as nobody has topped that act yet) or watching the fountains at BELLAGIO (the most dramatic free show in Vegas).


The Bone Man’s favorite entertainers seen since hitting town: The Temptations, TheSpinners, Dionne Warwick, The Righteous Brothers, The Platters, The Drifters, TheCoasters, B.J. Thomas, The 4 Tops, Bobby Blue Bland, The Checkmates. Needless tosay, the Bone Man is indeed a 50’s Rock and Roll BABY.