Basic Strategy for Craps

Take the maximum Free Odds allowed

The two best bets on the craps table are the Pass Line and Don’t Pass wagers.They offer the lowest house edge, and you can reduce that edge further by takingthe maximum Free Odds allowed by the casino, as shown in the following chart.

House Advantage when you take the Odds
Table Odds
Pass Line Don’t Pass
0x 1.41% 1.36%
1x 0.848% 0.682%
2x 0.606% 0.455%
Full Double Odds 0.572% 0.431%
3x 0.471% 0.341%
3-4-5X 0.374% 0.273%
5x 0.326% 0.227%
10x 0.184% 0.124%
20x 0.099% 0.065%
100x 0.021% 0.014%

By playing at a casino that offers 20X or 100X odds you can effectively reduce houseedge to almost 0%. Managing your bank by making minimal bets on the Pass Line orDon’t Pass Line and maximizing the use of House Odds is the singular most seriousconsideration for any player who wants to reduce the casino’s advantage as muchas possible.