Hopping Bets explained

A Hopping bet is a one-roll call bet made by a player on any number. It’sa very rare bet, and there’s usually not even a place on the table layout to placethe bet — they have to be booked by the dealers and the boxman.

Hopping bets are usually made by hot-shots who think they’re impressing the otherplayers with their knowledge of an esoteric bet. The fact is that most Hopping betspay exactly the same as a 2,3,11, or 12 so the player might as well bet numberswhere there is a place to position the wager on the table layout.

The bottom line is that Hopping bets slow the game down and can easily confuse thedealers. A Hopping bet might excite the person making it, but probably means nothingto the other players — except that it slows the game down.