Main Street Station’s Micro-Brewery

The Beers of the Triple-7 Brewpub

Main Street Station is our favorite casino in Las Vegas for playing craps.But they don’t just offer 20x table odds in a clean, classy environment, they alsohave their own microbrewery! They serve them up in their Triple 7 Restaurant andBrewery, which was selected by the Las Vegas Review-Journal as the best localmicrobrewery. Here’s how Main Street describes themselves:

Downtown’s original microbrewery has quickly become one of America’s best. Our brewis a national award winner and combined with an incredible array of restaurant goodies,Triple 7 Restaurant and Brewery is also a hot spot among locals and visitors fromaround the world.

Here’s a rundown of the different beers available at Main Street, from their website.


Triple-7’s Flagship beer is produced for those who demand the very best. This light-bodiedwheat beer, the most popular of our lineup, serves up cold and refreshing. The highestquality ingredients and brewing techniques are used in every batch to produce abeer worthy of our best customers.


Drinking a glass of Royal Red is almost as enjoyable as hitting a royal flush! OurVienna-style lager has a distinctive toasted character balanced by “noble” hops.Crisp and delicious, this easy drinking lager will have you feeling like royalty.


A beer made for the adventurous at heart. The aroma and flavor of fresh, Americanhops stimulate the taste buds while its clean bitterness cleanses the palate.õ Notfor the weak hearted, our pale ale has the highest alcohol content of any of ourbeers.


Only a porter this good deserves to be named after gaming’s $100 black chip. Itssmooth, roasted character puts it in a class of its own. Designed for dark beerlovers, the blend of five malts give it a complex flavor with chocolate and toffeeundertones.


This Brewmaster Special features a monthly rotation of some ot the finest creationsever developed.õ Among the favorites are Raspberry Wheat, Triple-7, Hefe-weizen,Indian Pale Ale, and the famous Black Cherry Stout, a silver medalist at the 1997Great American Beer Festival.