Top 10 Rarely-Advertised Hints for Players

  1. You can cash out before you win $10,000 and thereby avoid filling out a tax format the cage.
  2. The table Maximum (limit) on The Don’t Side is based on the projected WIN. Therefore,Don’t players can LAY way beyond the posted table Maximum when laying a Free Oddsbet.
  3. You can go beyond the Table Limit when betting on an already-established Point onthe Pass Line or Come by making a Place Bet on the same number.
  4. You can always take down your Free Odds or Place Bets orask the dealer to do so. If you’re on a hot streak and want to quit while you’reahead, don’t forget to take your exsting bets down before you lose them!
  5. You can buy back all your Flat Bets on a 7-winner Come-Out Roll when you have alreadytaken Odds on Come Bets, thereby leaving all your bets in position. (Instead ofhaving the dealer return your Free Odds.)
  6. You can ask any Proposition Bet for the Dealers to be parlayed (though when bettingfor the dealers, the dealers will usually prefer that you make a bet with a lowerhouse take).
  7. You can Place an already-established Point on The Pass Line by placing your wageron the player side EDGE of The Pass LINE, instead of in the Middle of the Pass Line,thereby getting a FULL Place payoff instead of a FLAT even money payoff on a win.
  8. If a dealer makes a mistake or if another player picks up your winning payoff youcan always request a ruling from the boxman or pit supervisor. AND you can requestthat the videotape be reviewed for a decision.
  9. In most casinos you can get a Player Card by giving a photo ID to the boxman orpit supervisor, and have them fill out the form. That way you do not have to standin line for a card at the casino player club window.
  10. Player Tracking for comps by the casino is usually based on (1) average bet, (2)length of time at the table, AND (3) Buy-In, NOT just on BUY-IN.