10 Things that Craps Dealers Hate Most

  1. Boxmen and Floor People who “Sweat the Money”.
  2. Boxmen who are poor mentors and who constantly grind the dealers.
  3. Players who throw their Place Bets or Odds for Come Bets at the dealer insteadof placing them neatly on the table.
  4. Hot-Shot players who take forever to set the dice and don’t even know that oppositesides of the dice total 7.
  5. Shooters who can not control the dice but always yell “Same Dice” after theyhave thrown one (or both) off the table.
  6. “Stroker” players who pick up winning bets that don’t belong to them.
  7. “Stiffs” — Players who never leave a toke, even when winning.
  8. Players who throw in cash on late bets and call “Action”.
  9. “Fleas” — Unsavory players, often drunk, who smell of body odor.
  10. Any player who ever says: “I should have…,” “I was gonna…,” “I almost…,””What happened to my…?”